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Enjoy the matches in Hungary!

A year later than expected, but the UEFA Euro Championship is finally here! Locations vary over the whole continent, and we are proud to announce that the recently renovated Puskás Ferenc Stadium in Budapest is part of this wonderful event!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, strict health and safety measures are in effect, but fortunately fans are welcomed to support their national teams on spot.


June 15 – Hungary vs Portugal (18h00)
June 19 – Hungary vs France (15h00)
June 23 – Portugal vs France (21h00)
June 27 – Round of 16 (18h00)

Information on ticket availability and rates will follow.


Puskás Ferenc Stadium will be open at its full capacity. Ticket owners need to follow all actual health and safety regulations in Budapest and Hungary during their entire stay.

Entry requirements:

  • Valid entry ticket
  • Negative PCR test (not older than 72 hours) OR proof of COVID19 vaccination OR proof of former COVID19 infection (fully recovered)
  • Mask-wearing is compulsory in all territories of the stadium

Entry procedure
For entering the stadium all ticket owners will have a 30-minute time slot. Please respect the given time and only enter the stadium within this period.

Health and safety regulations

  • Wear a mask in all territory of the stadium
  • Keep distance from other spectators
  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Take your assigned seat only
  • Stay seated during intermission if possible
  • Avoid touching (e.g. handshake) and hugging other spectators
  • Always follow the instructions of the local staff

*Information is based on the situation as of April 27, 2021. Please always check changes and current situation before booking and travelling.