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Travelogue: Renovated castles and palaces in Hungary

The Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies organizes study tours multiple times a year to show the latest attractions of the country as well as the renovation of popular tourist destinations to stakeholders in the field. We consider these trips very important for they let us become travellers ourselves, and in the end, we will have first-hand experience about the service providers and activities we recommend to our groups.

Our latest excursion took us to Transdanubia, to the villages of Nádasdladány, Majk, Ozora, and the town of Tata.


♠ The mansion of legends

The Tudor-style Nádasdy Mansion of Nádasdladány (near Székesfehérvár) has a strong effect on every visitor. If you enter the complex, you can get to know the exciting story of the family that commissioned the work, full of love tales, along with the drawing-room etiquette of the era and the proper way of furnishing your home and choosing your attire. The interior will be designed in a way that visitors will feel like if they were guests invited by the aristocratic family, with interactive and virtual elements enhancing the experience. We are quite sure that the fascinating Hall of Ancestors is going to be of the highlight of the tour.

Photo: QTH


♣ History and self-awareness – in silence

Looking at all the monastic communities around the world, the modesty of the Camaldolese monks still stands out who took a vow of silence and lived their whole life within the walls of the monastery in Majk near Tata. The Foresteria of the unique baroque monastery complex with all the common areas used by the monks as well as the suites of the Esterházy family are already open to visitors. During the next phases of the renovation, a spiritual nature walk will be created in the garden, and the so-called monastic cells are also going to be restored so guests will be able to get a glimpse of what it is like to live in such seclusion, and can even try a few of the monks’ most typical daily activities.

Photo: QTH


♥ The history of diplomacy on the shores of Lake Öreg

Thanks to its central location, the Esterházy Palace next to Tata Castle has been the site of significant historic events, for example, according to legend, it was here where Francis II signed the Treaty of Schönbrunn. During the renovation, the original baroque wall painting and parquet flooring were attempted to be restored, while the Dutch tiles in the bathroom were almost perfectly preserved. The exhibition to be based on interior design reconstructions will be built around the topics of diplomacy and the life of the aristocracy. Following in the footsteps of many prominent figures of the past, once we exit the palace, we can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Lake Öreg. According to plans, the palace will open to visitors in 2020.

Tata castle
Photo: QTH

♦ Become the lord/lady of the castle for a night

Known for a contemporary trance and arts festival, the village of Ozora has another tourist attraction to offer: the renaissance castle of strategist Pippo Spano. Once used as a granary, the 14th-century castle has been renovated and open to visitors for several years now, offering a glimpse at what a kitchen, a throne room and a lady’s bedroom looked like in the renaissance era. The strong Mediterranean feel of the inner courtyard makes it a great venue for outdoor events, and those who seek real adventure can move in for a night or two to one of the guest rooms decorated in tune with the castle’s atmosphere. Warning: the staff does not stay the night.

Ozora castle
Photo: QTH


November, 2019