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Quality Tours Hungary is an inbound travel agency offering destination and event management services since 1999 - continuing to build upon the high standards laid down by our well-renowned predecessor Pannonia Tourist Service.

Our aim is to meet the always-changing needs of business partners from all around the world and to provide the highest quality in tailor-made travel services.

How We Create Magic
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Personally tested: Excursion to the Hungarian Puszta

The sunny weather prompted us to head outside, and we chose a Saturday to visit the Puszta (the Pannonian steppe) with the whole QTH team, along with our husbands, partners and kids. We would like to share a few details of our trip so you can get a glimpse of what to expect from an excursion like that. Our jolly team was greeted in the outskirts of Lajosmizse - around 70 kms from Budapest - by a csikós (a mounted horse-herdsman) who led us to the Tanyacsárda Restaurant, Programme Centre, Horse Farm and Guest House where we were offered fresh, hot "pogácsa" (a type of bread) and pálinka. After the warm welcome, we were taken around the estate on a horse-drawn carriage. Riding on a coach is a classic Hungarian activity, and most of the words for ‘coach’ in European languages derive from the Hungarian word "kocsi", literally meaning "of [the post town of] Kocs". It was so soothing to jounce along the dirt roads far from the cacophony of the city, accompanied by birdsong. Having arrived back at the farm, we took a look at the animals around, pigs, cows, hens, ducks and rabbits. Among all the animals of the Puszta, our favourite were the Hungarian Grey cattle with their guileless charm, the racka sheep known for their unusual spiral-shaped horns, and the Lipizzan and half-bred Hungarian horses, a few of which we even took out for a spin. It was breathtaking to watch a herd of so beautiful animals galloping around the pen. We were entertained by a show that included various staggering displays such as obstacle driving, laying down horses, training donkeys, a csikós competition, and the world-famous "Puszta Five", where a csikós uses only the rein to ride five horses simultaneously, standing on the backs of the rear two. Following a quick demonstration, we tried whipcracking using the famous Hungarian bullwhip, and even managed to win a few bottles of wine in a game. After the exciting activities, we all sat down at a well-spread table with a good appetite for a multi-course lunch. All the dishes were tasty and hearty, but our highlights would be the perfectly spicy "gulyás" soup and "tejespite" (milk pie) served with local apricot "lekvár" (a very thick jam of pure ripe fruit). Pleasantly stuffed and tired, we headed back to Pest after lunch in a really good mood. We are speaking from personal experience when we recommend Tanyacsárda for all of you.

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Hungary - Heart Of Europe

Derived from it's geographical location and colourful history, Hungary preserved footnotes of many nations, like Romans, Turks or Germans. Your groups will have such a colourful experience that it will stay with them for a lifetime, and they'll surely want to come back for more.


11th favourite city of travellers in the world
according to Condé Nast Traveler


7th most popular landmark in Europe
according to TripAdvisor.com


5th best value travel destination
according to LonelyPlanet.com

Land of Waters

98 certified spas across the country

Lake Balaton

The Largest freshwater lake in Europe


The 17th safest place on Earth
according to Global Peace Index

More Spectacular Facts

We are not just a dmc

As a recommended DMC we organize trips to Hungary and surroundings for customers from abroad. But we have something for our domestic customers as well!


Qualified by the Hungarian Convention Bureau we provide local destination knowledge and act as an extension of your company. Be it a weekend trip to Budapest, a thematical wine tour on the countryside, an incentive with teambuilding activities and gala dinner, or a roundtrip in Central-Europe, we have all the needed experience and the best service partners to fulfill the wishes of our clients.

We believe that a DMC must be someone that you can relate to and trust, whilst they assist you on both a creative and professional level.

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EVENT MANAGEMENT for Hungarian Customers

Under the brand name Quality Events we act as a local event organizer. Our clients are companies as well as private individuals, to whom we organize a wide range of events from teambuildings or professional conferences to dream weddings.

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Events Coming Up That Can't Be Missed


Jun 2019

Tihany Lavender Festival

Place: Tihany

Ends on 23/Jun/2019

Near the magnificent baroque Abbey of Tihany, a lavender plantation covers the hillsides overlooking Lake Balaton. During the festival, visitors will have a chance to become familiar with all the uses and applications of this most versatile herb.

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May 2019

Rosalia – Rosé Festival

Place: Budapest, City Park

Ends on 02/Jun/2019

The number of people who meet in the City Park to welcome the upcoming summer while trying various dishes and a few glasses of wine in a youthful family atmosphere has been growing year by year. On its way to become a tradition, the event features colourful entertainment and plenty of delicacies paired with your wine.

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