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Day trips around Budapest “off the beaten path”

Citybreaks in Budapest usually include an excursion to nearby towns – often to the Danube Bend featuring Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre, or to Gödöllő, visiting its definitely gorgeous castle. Yet, the vicinity of our capital offers a lot more!

We have a long list of exciting day trips – Join us going off the beaten path and explore a bit more hidden, yet exciting treasures of Hungary!


Monks & Counts

The monastery of MAJK was once the home of the silent camaldolese monks – this unique place is now open for visitors. Combine the visit with TATA, where the instagrammable scenery is guaranteed by a Renaissance-style castle, a baroque palace and several mills standing on the lakeshore. Plus: a Michelin-starred restaurant for the gourmet travellers! All within 1-hour drive from the Hungarian capital.

Tata, Hungary


Folklore & Wine

History and folk art meets upscale wineries in the tiny town of ÓCSA, app 30-min drive from the city center of Budapest. The “old-village” is an ensemble of quite a few traditional houses, where tourists can experience rural life and folklore. The Roman-style reformed church is a real gem, as Hungary has only a few remaining buildings from the early Middle Age. Don’t miss tasting local wine and other specialities in one of the wineries!


The Mansion of the Devil’s Horseman

The baroque castle of BAJNA had a famous and eccentric owner, nicknamed „Ördöglovas” (i.e. Devil’s Horseman) who jumped down even from the balcony on horseback. The classicist palace was renovated recently and now it offers a sneak peek into the life of the nobles in the 19th century. Combine the visit with a stop in ZSÁMBÉK: its roman-gothic style cathedral was demolished by an earthquake, but it is still a picturesque site to see.


The list of destinations doesn’t end here!

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