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International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day is an annual event observed in several countries to celebrate and enjoy coffee and to promote fair trade. On this day, many businesses around the world offer even free or discounted cups of coffee, so it is worth to set off and explore the best cafés in the Hungarian capital. Budapest offers a wide choice and is famous for its old-world charm: elegant, peaceful and sophisticated.

The beautiful New York Café with its eclectic Italian Renaissance-style has the honorific title: “The Most Beautiful Coffee House in the World”. Café Gerbeaud is already a symbol, and also a gem among the top cafés of Europe. Located in the very heart of the city, it became a favourite among tourists and locals, offering top quality cakes combining tradition and innovation. Café Central was opened in 1887, so it is one of Budapest’s oldest ones. The wonderful, recently renovated, yet old-fashioned coffee house will drive you back to the atmosphere of the golden ages of Budapest, you just have to enjoy traditional hospitality and taste the world-famous coffees and cakes. Zsolnay Café serves your coffee and cake in marvellous Zsolnay porcelain cups and plates, and is famous for its unique and high-quality gourmet cakes.

Just like everyone, we have our favourite cafés too. Let us introduce our choices, if you feel like taking a coffee with locals while in Budapest!


To find the Belle Epoque

Matild Café & Cabaret

– Eszter’s favourite

After a long renovation of the classic art nouveau café, the former “Belvárosi Kávéház” (meaning Downtown Coffee House) has been finally reborn as Matild Café & Cabaret and welcomes guests in the iconic building of Matild Palace. The 300-seater place resurrects the true café culture by boasting a highly authentic ambiance, echoing the vivid Belle Epoque era of Budapest. In the daytime, Matild Café & Cabaret is an easy-going café with unique gastronomy, while at night it transforms into a cabaret venue, where Hungarian and international cabaret shows are performed on a special hydraulic elevated stage – as during the 1960s – turning the place into a distinguished, glamorous, exciting, and lively social hub of the city.


150 years of tradition and heritage

Auguszt Confectionery

Gabriella’s favourite

Auguszt Cukrászda is one of Budapest’s famous confectioneries with long heritage. Today it operates at three locations: one in the centre of Buda, next to the Fény street market; one in the city center, near Astoria, and another next to the Farkasrét cemetery. The history of the Auguszt confectionery began in 1870, when Elek Auguszt applied for a “confectionery” license in Buda and opened his small shop. His son, József Auguszt E., took his professional exam in 1892, and at the 1896 millennium celebrations, he won a gold medal with a sculptural composition made of sugar. In 2011, the Auguszt family won the Hungarian Heritage Award. In all three places, you can also taste this year’s „cake of Hungary”. If you want a really old place with a heritage, I recommend visiting one of the Auguszt confectioneries.


The sporty choice

Dynamo Bike & Bake

– Zsuzsa’s favourite

Located in a small side street in the center of the city, Dynamo is bit of a hidden café and bakery. Combined with a bike rental shop you are always welcome to arrive on two wheels. All cakes are hand-made by the friendly owner, and besides traditional sweets, vegan, gluten- or sugar-free cakes are offered also.


For a unique experience

Zoo Café

– Mónika’s favourite

As part of a Budapest city tour, Zoo Café can be a nice part of the program for animal lovers. It is easy to reach with a pleasant walk from Kálvin Square. You can have your drink among reptiles, furry four-legged animals and flying parrots at Zoo Café, which looks and feels really like a zoo. This unique place was opened in 2014 in the heart of Budapest, to provide opportunity to spend some nice time with stunning and exotic animals around you. You can watch them, pet them and even take some nice pictures! How about a selfie with an arakanga – a colourful parrot – on your shoulders? This place provides a truly special experience!


Outside of Budapest


To wake up after a wine-tasting event

A Kávé Háza 1927, Szekszárd

– Katinka’s favourite

My favourite coffee house is located in Szekszárd, a small city in Southern Hungary, famous for its very good red wines. My father is from Szekszárd and my family members still live there. The coffee house is run by my cousin’s family. I am proud that they have become one of the iconic places of domestic coffee culture. Hungarian coffee lovers have chosen them as the “Most Favorite Coffee House of the Year” in Hungary on several occasions, and the coffees they sell and roast are very popular. When you visit Hungary, Szekszárd awaits you with wonderful wines and coffees.


To immerse in the charm of rural Hungary

Mandula Café, Solymár

– Imola’s favourite

Outskirts of Budapest by the Pilis Mountains, in the centre of Solymár there is a charming, cozy, especially inviting coffee shop and confectionary that was converted to a café from an old farmhouse. They always have fresh & homemade cakes with various flavours. It is an ideal, cozy little place to have a break during your hiking.


If you feel like immersing in one of the Hungarian coffee houses do not hesitate to contact us – either for a break during a sightseeing or for a complete coffee tour, we are here to serve your needs!

For further information on thematic coffee tours, accommodation and other activities please contact us on qth@qth.hu!


Cover photo: https://www.facebook.com/matildcafe