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Our Christmas Favorites

We created the “perfect Christmas Menu” from our team’s favorites



• Zsuzsa – Orange-apple cream soup
This fresh and fruity cream soup is my invention: grilled apple, orange juice, honey, cinnamon and cream with a touch of Christmas spices. We serve it in 2 bowls, one chilled, the other one warm to meat everyone’s taste around the table. An elegant, yet totally kid-friendly dish for Christmas Eve.

• Katinka – “Halászlé” – Fisherman’s soup
Halászlé is a Hungarian fish soup made from onion, paprika and carp or mixed river fish; served with bread or noodles. It’s a traditional dish for Christmas Eve dinner, you can smell it everywhere on the 24th December. I am from Mohács, little town in South Hungary, situated near the Danube river with great heritage of fish soup making. In my childhood, my grandfather caught the fish for this soup and this made the food even tastier.



• Móni – Grilled salmon with potato-celery salad
This is our family’s traditional Christmas recipe, the potato-celery salad comes even from my great-grandmother. This season will be special for me: the first Christmas with my partner in our new house, so it is very important for me to keep this long tradition and serve our traditional meal on Christmas Eve.

• Gabi – Stuffed turkey breast
Our family is not really fond of fish, so we rather follow the English tradition and serve turkey on the Christmas table. A few years ago, I served a stuffed turkey breast and after the great success, it actually became our “traditional” Christmas dish. I occasionally change a few ingredients, but keep the original spicing to have the festive spirit.

• Imola – Stuffed cabbage
One of our family’s most important Christmas Eve meals is the stuffed cabbage. Furthermore, in Transylvania, where my family derives from and where I was born as well, you can’t imagine any celebration in any season without stuffed cabbage. No question that after my grandmother and my mother, I also want to carry on with this culinary tradition. It is said, that if you want to test the quality of a restaurant, order stuffed cabbage. If it is delicious, it means the restaurant has an excellent chef 🙂



• Eszter – Gingerbread – Snowman, Santa and Christmas tree-shaped cookies
Every year before Christmas I prepare gingerbread snowman cake with my sons. We are listening to music and the smell of the cake makes a really Christmas ambiance. The kids punch out the different biscuit shapes and decorate with decor sugar and candy (I always have to buy double portion, because the boys eat half of it while making the cookies). With this fun program, we can make great homemade gifts for friends and family.

December, 2020