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Travel with us into the world of flavours!

The one and only QTH Office CookBook has arrived!

Everyone’s world turned upside down over the last few months. There where (are) lots of changes and challenges. But we also try to see the possibility. And this is what brought „The Office Cookbook” to life!


From Idea to Reality…

The story of our Cookbook

The idea of the cookbook, which you now hold in your hands – even if only virtually – has been discussed in the office over and over again for years. Just as we love to explore the exciting regions of Hungary and the world, we are also attracted by the variety of dishes and flavours. It is not surprising, as it is well known about us Hungarians that gastronomy is in our blood and we love to eat. We also benefit from our love of cooking by office breakfasts, name day celebrations and other festive occasions. We have surprised each other with many delicacies, the recipe of which we then always shared and made public treasure. We’ve always joked, that we should make a cookbook – and now the time has come to turn that idea into reality.

On the following pages, each member of our team will present a favourite recipe and share some associated personal thoughts. We hope everyone will find something to their liking and we would be happy to receive feedback if you’ve tried something from our favourites!


Download now! – QTH CookBook – A journey into the world of flavours_Online version

June, 2020