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Travelogue: Back on the roads of Hungary!

Short travelogues about our team’s post-lockdown travels


When the restrictions were finally eased, we were all very tired of staying at home and were really excited to travel again. By car, by bike with bus or train, we set off to all directions of the country and tried to see as much as we can, because we truly believe, that “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.


Zsuzsa – Tata

After the quarantine period our first travel goal was to visit my parents. While spending a few days with them, I had the chance to run on my favourite running track: around the lake in Tata.

The woods there are cool and calm, the lake itself is normally covered with flocks of birds, but besides the precious nature, this 7 km long “running track” also has a couple of historic sights: the fortress from the renaissance age, the baroque castle, watermills, the elegant building of the high school, the spiring twin towers of the main Catholic church, the “Fellner” lookout tower and the hiding old monastery. Not bad a for a morning run, isn’t it?

castle of Tata

Eszter – Badacsony

After the quarantine we went to the Lake Balaton. Even in May the water was too cold to bath, there are so many things to do.  This area let you combine the cultural visit, tracking, relaxing, gastronomical experience and the wine tasting.

I love the Region of Badacsony because of its rare natural formations and unique atmosphere. This time we climbed to the basalt organ pipes, which are shaped results of volcanic activity. This was an easy and very exiting tracking trail, as it let us admire the unique flora and the different formations of basalt such as the hexagonal basalt columns, the organ pipes.  On the top of the hill we could admire the beautiful panorama of the witness hills and the Lake Balaton.

We couldn’t leave the region without having a delicious lunch. We had a great choice: a Balaton fish with a glass of Kéknyelű  (it is a famous and unique local grape variety plenty of mineral flavours, floral and stone fruit aromas). In the evening we walked along the shore and enjoyed the sunset with a glass of rosé.

I started the next morning with a run along the shore to enjoy the beautiful panorama with the waking ducks and swans. It was a really refreshing for my soul and body. I can’t wait to return, as the water is now about 25 °C.  Won’t you try it?

basalt orgels in Badacsony

Zsuzsi – Pannonhalma

We have visited the historic town of Pannonhalma with the Millenary Benedictine Abbey and its gorgeous natural environment. The attraction rightly belongs to Hungary’s world heritage sites. After visiting the abbey, there is the possibility to have lunch or dinner at the famous Viator Abbey Restaurant and Wine Bar for some special culinary experience. At the evening I highly recommend to take part in visiting of a wine cellar with wine tasting program.

If you have more time spending here, attractions never end. Discover the manufacture of herbs with the lavender distillery and the arboretum and buy a local product of natural herbs or an artisanal delicacy produced by the monks living here to bring home one piece of miracle. You can also explore the beauty of the landscape from the top of a lookout tower near the abbey, where you can enjoy a 360° panorama.

For active explorers there are many possibilities to make excursions in the neighbourhood. We had a wonderful time there. Visiting Pannonhalma is a unique cultural and natural experience at the same time – do not miss it!

Sundown in Pannonhalma

Kriszti – Szeged

After the long weeks of self-isolation, we headed out to rediscover the colourful city of Szeged. I’m a great fan of exciting architecture, and the third largest city of Hungary is famous for its beautiful buildings, especially the Art Nouveau ones. In 1879, most of the former buildings were destroyedin a massive flood, and the present image of the city was formed thanks to a large-scale reconstruction.

Visiting Szeged, it is highly recommended to leave enough time for yourself to walk around the streets and boulevards and to discover the little details as well. Besides the architectural heritage, there are many other things to enjoy in Szeged, for instance spas, cultural programs or gastronomy. This city offers much more than a half-day city tour.

Art Nouveau miracles in Szeged

Mónika – Lake Velence

After the virus crisis, I finally had the opportunity to have a bike tour with my friend. Our choice fell on the Lake Velence. The sun was shining, so it was the perfect time to enjoy the magnificent panorama of the beautiful surroundings. The length of the bike path is about 30 km. A significant part of the route runs along the waterfront, and at some points even right next to the beach – at Gárdony for example – so you can stop any time to go swimming as well.

I recommend the Szúnyog Csárda for a lunch, and you should definitely see the monument in Pákozd too. If you like active recreation, it is high time to get around the wonderful roads of Lake Velence.


July, 2020