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Travelogue: Weekend in Makó, the capital of onion

Makó is located about 200 km from Budapest, not far from Szeged, near the southern border of Hungary. The history of the former market town is quite varied, it was destroyed and then rebuilt several times over the centuries. Agriculture has always played a key role in the life of the city, including the cultivation of the Makó onion, which is famous far and wide, and due to its special quality, it belongs to the protected Hungarikum products. But Makó offers much more than that!

• Healing and wellness

• Exciting architectural treasures

• Active tourism close to nature


Recommended programs – personally tried and tested

♦ Sightseeing tour
The city is not too big, so it can be easily explored on foot. And it is really worth it, as it holds many architectural curiosities. Imre Makovecz, the founder of the Hungarian organic architecture school gave the city many buildings, which often commemorate the famous onion (Hun. “hagyma”) in their form and name. His most amazing local buildings include the Hagymatikum Bath, the local House of Culture – the Hagymaház -, and the bus station. In addition, there are many baroque, romantic, classicist, eclectic style buildings in the city. Adventurous visitors can also explore the city as part of an outdoor detective game. (available in English)

Makó downtown


♦ Hagymatikum Thermal Bath
For us, it was one of the main reasons to visit the city. The spa of Makó stands out from the Hungarian offer with its special architectural solutions, but its high-quality medicinal waters are also worth mentioning. The spa offers 15 indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna world with various sauna programs, wellness and medical treatments.

Makó Hagymatikum Thermal Bath


♦ Lombkorona Tanösvény (tree crown trail) and active programs
The town is located on the banks of the Mureş River, and the associated floodplain forest is part of the Körös-Mureş National Park. A special local attraction is the tree crown educational trail, which allows visitors to observe the local wildlife from an altitude of 8-10 meters in a bird migration area. It is also possible to rent a boat, go on a bike tour and try out different adventure trails.


Further attractions include:
József Attila Museum and open-air ethnographic museum
The second largest Orthodox synagogue in Hungary
The rich Art Nouveau heritage of neighboring Szeged


For smaller groups, we wholeheartedly recommend the Grand Hotel Glorius in Makó, which is a 4-star art deco-style design hotel in downtown Makó, next to the spa. There are 37 rooms, a cozy restaurant-café and a small wellness area. Larger groups can choose from high quality 3- and 4-star hotels in Szeged.

grand hotel glorius Makó

Photo: mako.hu; glorius.hu

April, 2020