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Valentine’s Day Special

This Valentine’s Day will be surely different, but despite the ongoing pandemic situation, this week is all about love. At Quality Tours we collected our favourite romantic places all over Hungary for you: whenever you happen to visit our wonderful country, you will find the perfect place to discover the spirit of love.


Eszter- Fellini Culturepub
Fellini Culturepub is one of my favourite romantic places in Budapest. This quiet, beautiful place is on the Roman shore. I like to sit in the deck chair, see the sunset on the beautiful banks of the Danube, drink a fine beer and last but not least, in the evening enjoy a good film or acoustic concert with my husband.


Katinka – Sopron
Sopron is a little romantic town near the Austrian border. Its center is a precious little old town, full of elegant historical buildings. Wandering in Sopron’s narrow and beautiful streets, visiting the typical arcades and courtyards is just fabulous and very romantic.


Gabriella – Chain Bridge with Castle district
For me the most romantic program in Budapest is to walk along the Danube bank, crossing the Chain Bridge, admire the Castle from below, then take the funicular uphill to see our beautiful capital from above. One of my most beautiful memories is tied to the Fisherman’s Bastion, I got a Valentine’s Day marzipan heart in one of the little stores from the big love of my teenage years.


Zsuzsa – Brunszvik Castle, Martonvásár
The place where Beethoven fell in love with countess Josephine Brunszvik: the neogothic, Tudor-style castle is located 1-hour drive from Budapest. The white castle of the Brunszvik family is home to a small museum dedicated to Beethoven, where you can still see his piano. The marvellous English-style garden around has many hidden spots for a romantic rendezvous and its lakeside is an ideal scene for a tasty picnic.


Móni – Castle of Gödöllő
The marvellous baroque castle of Sissi in Gödöllő and its amazing park is really close to my heart: I had my very first rendezvous here with my boyfriend. I remember well that snowy winter Sunday afternoon, and the hot chocolate we had after the walk warmed not only our bodies but also our hearts.


Imola – Tihany at Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton, the Hungarian Sea offers many romantic programme and beautiful spots. One of the most romantic places, with its beautiful landscape, breathtaking panorama over the lake, cosy restaurants and Cafés, is the Tihany Peninsula on the North side of the lake. It is also said that „God created the Tihany Peninsula in good mood!” If you have the chance, visit the peninsula also during the Levander Festival, that makes the landscape even more colorful. Do not miss to visit the Benedictine Tihany Abbey on the top of the peninsula, after a nice walk along the promenade, then sit in for a coffee at the Rege Café next to the Abbey, from where you can enjoy your coffee with a really fabulous panoramic view of Lake Balaton.


February, 2021