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“Everything Is Better With Wine”

Wine has a very important role in the food and agriculture sector of Hungary. It is not a coincidence that this small country boasts 22 wine regions, each with different products to offer. You can organize exciting tours around these regions – about which there is going to be more in our series of wine regions newsletters -, or you can also “go for something extra”.


♦ #winecrawl – Wine bar tour in Budapest

During the last couple of years, ruin pubs and rooftop bars are the most popular types of establishments in Budapest. If we look at what’s on offer, wine bars and craft beer pubs will definitely tie for first place. The wine bars in Budapest cover quite a wide range of the spectrum from streamlined to eclectic, from cosy to majestic, from local to international. If you have enough time on your hands, it is best to visit at least a few of these places.

Photo: QTH


♦ Wine Roulette – The highlight of team-building activities and gala dinners

Wine Roulette is a popular game in which you can put your sommelier skills to the test while having tons of fun with your group. The central piece of the game is a modified roulette table with grape types, wine regions and other relevant characteristics (year, alcohol and sugar content) instead of numbers. Different types of wine are poured into the participants’ glasses, then after tasting and examining one, the players bet on the main characteristics using their tokens. After everybody made their bets, the consumed item is exposed, and the prizes are paid out. The most perceptive player wins.

Photo: QTH


♦ Vinotherapy – Blowing off steam

It is widely known that there are several different vitamins and trace elements present in grape and wine, with great potential in health promotion and beauty care. In addition to consuming wine, we can also go to vinotherapy sessions, now available in several points across the country. The pips and pulp, the oil and, of course, the wine itself are all used during these special bath, massage and beauty treatments.

Photo: Crocus Gere Hotel Wine & Spa


♦ Wine and investigation

Hungary is not only famous for its wine culture, but also for its large network of escape games. It is of no surprise then that the first wine-themed escape room is already open. When the weather is nice, we can also take part in our first outdoors wine-heavy investigation right here in Budapest. Let’s get on with it then!

Photo: QTH

Cover photo: St. Andrea Wine & Skybar

February, 2020